turtleneck & chain

Jacket, Wilfred; turtleneck, Theory; leggings, Community; boots, Blundstone.

I am in the midst of a four-day take-home exam, which apparently means that I must be cradled in cashmere, spandex, and quasi-orthotics. The sun has been in and out of the storm clouds today, hence the shit lighting; I managed to get outside for about fifteen minutes to get a coffee and return my library books.



anatomy of a weekend outfit

  1. Jumper, American Apparel; skirt, Club Monaco; sandals, Birkenstocks.
  2. Jumper, American Apparel; jeans, Levi’s*; flats, Carven.

Nine times out of ten, I need motivation to get into a ‘real outfit’ and that motivation is breakfast. That means I need something to wear to the kitchen before that happens. Over the past few years and moves, I’ve acquired more housemates who have to see me properly clothed in inverse to my aging collection of loungewear. So on weekends or lazier mornings, my “outfit” often evolves slowly throughout the day as I switch out bottoms, shoes, etc. Today, I went from left to right.

The skirt has an elastic waistband—easy. Frankly, I’d probably wear the ‘morning’ look out too, but wanted to feel more structured today. The 501s do that and are wearing beautifully. They’re definitely a better purchase than these Carven flats, which I bought at a sample sale two (?) years ago and have worn, maybe ten times since because they are just slightly too small. Still, I’m loathe to let them go: the Mary Jane style and python print really, truly do please me. And I like my things enough that that alone is sufficient justification, for now.

work, work, work

Blazer, Cos; turtleneck, Cos; pants, Kloke*; oxfords, Dieppa Restrepo.

It’s been hectic lately. I put this on to go catch up with a contact for a prospective grad job. I like how I feel in this outfit: the exposed ankles; the varying shades of dark neutrals (brown, navy, blue) that don’t quite come across in these photos; the cloak of a blazer. But looking at myself in these photos and the mirror, I think it’s less flattering than the image I hold in my head. The shoulders of the blazer are too broad for me, which is more apparent now than when I first bought it. I don’t think the bulky knit looks good in a business-wear context either.

The vague sense of dissatisfaction might be with my clothes, or maybe just because of the stress. When things are a little calmer, I might do a workwear capsule to really figure out what I’m working with.

radar #1

Things I want right now:

  1. This Muubaa leather jacket seems to be at a great price. Things I’m unsure about: whether it will be cropped enough on me, shoulder epaulettes, the boxiness of the sleeve, whether it’s worth spending that much on something I don’t need right now.
  2. I know there’s varying opinions out there on Sunday Riley skincare, but this did great things for my skin last winter and I think it’s time to bite the bullet again.


Top, H&M; pencil skirt, Club Monaco; pants, Kloke*; sandals, About Arianne

Your girl fucked up!!!

I was hosting a (legal) event with (legal) professionals today, and intended to wear the outfit on the left. I switch to pants to cycle in, and discover that I LEFT THE SKIRT AT HOME. So I just forged ahead with red lipstick and vaguely presentable pants, i.e. not jeans. It was fine! But not great!

Anyway, the positive side of this is that I got to wear this top, which I deeply enjoy. It is 2011 H&M, in a weighty tweed-esque woven fabric that definitely wouldn’t go for $30 today. This has long been and remains my preferred business casual top, over button-ups (which easily veer too… buttoned up?) and shells (can look insufficiently substantial and my sleeveless ones look silly outside of summer). I know I’ll have to bite the bullet on a few nice long-sleeved blouses once I start working full-time, but this does for now.

Going to scream into the void now!

daily #4


Alexander Chee’s autobiography of his novel, on the very particular shapes of writing, trauma and authorship.

Miranda Popkey and Zan Romanoff’s Two Bossy Dames newsletter, on the quandary of self-care in the age of capitalism.

Wesley Yang in Tablet, on the Asian-American experience and microaggressions.

And of course, Elif Batuman’s incredible New Yorker piece on renting family in Japan is funny, touching, and everything in-between.

black and blue

Jumper, Club Monaco; jeans, Handsom*; sandals, Hopp.

Taking photos for this blog has really exposed what I feel good in, namely: dark colours and slightly more interesting shoes. That’s all, folks.

I used to have several of these jumpers, until each shrunk in the wash after I moved— something about the laundry situation here didn’t work. Since I live in merino in colder weather, I decided to keep one; now it has a new life as a nondescript canvas for these jeans.

Melbourne is currently in the midst of strange transitional weather, where we can flip between 25 and 10-degree days. Hence, the totally sensible combination of jumper and sandals. These ones from Hopp are incredibly comfortable and satisfied several criteria. They’re a nice sandal and I knew they were as close as I was going to get to a mule/slide that I would wear regularly. I chose the pale python print specifically to contrast with all-black outfits; they continue to serve that purpose admirably (also, I have a surprising weakness for a snakeskin print shoe—this makes it official).